Point Loma Republican Women Federated
Unit #14310095, Chartered 1 January 1995

Be Informed. Be Involved. Make a Difference.

Come Join Us

Location: Point Loma Cafe, 4865 Harbor Dr., San Diego CA 92106

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Day: Third Wednesday of Each Month, September thru June.

PLRWF Meeting

Wednesday - 9/19/2018

Point Loma Café, 10:00 am

Upcoming Events

9/19/2018 -- PLRWF Meeting

For more details please check
Event Calendar.
Did You Know...?

  • The Republican Party was first founded to free the slaves. Its first President was Abraham Lincoln.
  • President Lincoln signed the legislation protecting Yosemite Valley in 1864 - the first area preserved as a national park in history. In 1872, President Grant (another Republican) protected Yellowstone, thus starting our entire National Park system.
  • Republicans were at the forefront of the American Woman's Suffrage and Civil Rights movements. They also elected the first woman senator and black congressman and Hispanic California Governor.
  • President Reagan appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court.
  • The National Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1938. The San Diego Country Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1925.


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